12 Advantages for Using a Travel Agent


Travel agents are on the rise.  More and more agents are working from home and helping their clients take amazing vacations.  Here are some reasons you might want to consider a travel agent for your next vacation get away.

1. Travel Agents recognize the transformative power of travel.

You’re not buying a product off a shelf. You want to work with someone who embraces your trip and recognizes it for what it is—a truly special and even life-changing

2. We make your vacation uniquely yours.  

As we get to know you, we’ll learn how to customize your trip to your particular tastes and desires. Do you always like a late check-out? It’s already been arranged. Love ancient ruins? We’ll suggest a visit to that must-see site before you even ask about it. Love to learn about cuisine? The cooking lessons and tastings we’ll arrange will have all the right ingredients.

3. We help you sort through countless options.

There are innumerable travel possibilities out there—by air, land and sea. Shopping online can be like blindly tossing a dart at a dartboard: You never know where you’re going to land. We have the expertise to point you to quality experiences and accommodations that meet your criteria.

4. We provide tailor-made experiences.

We have the connections to reserve unique excursions and outings for you. We can leverage our long-time relationships with travel providers to build unforgettable moments into your travels that you could never arrange on your own.

5. Travel Agents save you money and aggravation.

Whether an agent is fee-based or commission-based, relying on our expertise and contacts will pay for itself in the perks, upgrades and conveniences you’ll enjoy. And we’ll save you from spending way too much time trying to cobble together a trip on your own, a frustrating chore that takes the fun out of trip planning.

6. We bring the human touch.

Travel Agents know what to ask you regarding your trip preferences. We listen with understanding. We respond to your concerns. Online booking engines can’t lend an empathetic ear. We can, and we do. Every time.

7. Travel Agents are the real experts.

With years of travel planning behind us and a world of agent-only resources at ourfingertips, we are walking encyclopedias of travel. Why would you rely on the internet and merely hope for the best when Travel Agents are the best?

8. We’ve got your back.

Travel Agents step in on your behalf, reacting quickly to circumstances of all extremes. For instance, if the political climate or the weather unexpectedly puts you at risk, we’ll call on ourcontacts to rebook flights and get you home.

9. We work with a trained and critical eye. ​​​

The many pieces that make up a perfect vacation need to flow. We examine all the elements of your trip—no matter how complex—to ensure they not only meet your individual needs, but also fit together seamlessly.

10. We advocate for you.

When your trip doesn’t go as planned, you can rely on us to save the day. We’ll call our contacts to get you on another flight should yours be cancelled … or to change your hotel room should it fail your inspection. One call or email to us gets it done.

11. Service, service, service.

When was the last time you got great service from the internet? Travel Agents are driven by you—not by the algorithms of booking engines—as we help you plan your trip. And thanks to our personal connections at airlines, hotels, cruise lines and beyond, we can provide you a level of service that’s impossible to find online.

12. Travel Agents make great groupies.

If group travel interests you, we can help you decide which company is best suited to your interests, desired activity level, adventurousness and travel style.

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