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These are very challenging times for all of us and these are certainly challenging times for travel.  Having to work from home or even worse losing our jobs, certainly does not make one sit around and dream about our next vacation.  The travel industry has taken a huge beating.   Most of us are just dreaming about being able to go to a movie, or football game, and most of our travel dreams are on hold.  That said, for people who love to vacation, there is hope.

As a travel agent I see what this time is doing to my clients and to my vendors.  It is rough, but the travel industry is the largest industry out there and as such is not going away anytime soon. Your favorite cruise line is even now preparing for the future.  New methods of cleaning and sanitizing are being put in place to ensure the safety of their future guests.   I have actually heard that when they do come back, they will reduce the number of guests on ships to reduce crowding and allow guests to social distance.

Your favorite amusement park, Walt Disney company is currently looking at new techniques for onloading guests to rides so as to ensure that there is more space between guests.  They are also looking at reducing the capacity of the parks to reduce the crowding which spreads germs.  There are more hand sanitizing stations being placed all around the parks.  Additionally, they are putting in place new procedures to ensure rides and queues are sanitized each night.  Disney is preparing to get back on track as soon as the ban is lifted by the state.

If you love to travel and are looking forward to planning your next trip, I can assure you that there will be plenty of travel savings for you to choose. The cruise lines need to make up for lost revenue, hotels need “heads in beds”, so the incentives will be plentiful.  Disney already had a 25% off hotel package available for the summer months.

As always, if you need help navigating your next vacation or just want to ask some questions feel free to contact me


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