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A trip to Walt Disney World is a dream come true for many people.  I plan trips for people to make sure that they get the most bang out of their Disney dollars and have all the fun they can possibly manage.  This article is designed to give those thinking about a Disney trip the Disney tips that are not as common.  I like my clients to be prepared as possible for what to expect from their vacation.  

You will walk more than you think. 

Although Disney has a great transportation system, you will walk a lot in the parks, and it is not unusual to walk 5-7 miles in a day.  Many people will tell you to wear great shoes, but this Disney tip is designed to help you understand that walking is part of the culture of a Disney vacation.  It is a good idea to inform everyone in your party so they can bring their best walking shoes to avoid foot problems.  

People Seem Lost.

Although the layout of Disney Parks is simple, most people seem lost. I see many people huddled in the middle of walkways, looking at maps because they get to the park and are completely lost.  I recommend that if you are going to the parks, get a map of each park and study ride locations.  When planning FastPasses, follow the circle around each park to avoid crisscrossing the parks several times.

Florida is hot and humid. 

This seems a bit of a weird Disney tip, because on the surface we all know that right?  But if you are going to Walt Disney World in the summer, you will be hot and the kids will be cranky, and you won’t feel like you are in the happiest place in the world anymore.  Stay hydrated and plan a trip that is a little longer than you think you need.  It is better to take your time in the parks and then take a breather in the afternoon than to try to go from sun up to sun down and exhausting your travel party.  Kids and parents a like will find a refeshing swim at the resort pool or a nap will make the evening much more fun. 

Stay at a Disney Resort and take advantage of the each park’s magic hours.

We were recently at the parks (in February 2020) and during the day the parks were all quite busy.  One evening after dinner we decided to take advantage of the magic hours and we were shocked at the reduction in crowds.  Those magic hours are a huge advantage, and you need to stay at a Disney resort to gain admission.  And yes they check.  

People Can Be Annoying.   

There I said it.  I love Disney, but I often find that people can be rude, inconsiderate and problematic.  They walk while looking at their phones, stop in the middle of walkways without any notice, and expect everyone to read their minds.  You may be in the happiest place on earth, but when you go to the parks you need to carry an extra dose of patience and positive attitude.  That way when the giant strollers hit you on the back of the legs you will be able to “let it go”.  

Learn a little about the Disney transportation. 

Although all the transportation from Disney resorts to the parks if free, you need to learn how to navigate it.  For instance, you can take a bus to any park from any resort, but buses do not run between resorts.  I you are staying at Port Orleans Riverside and you want to go to dinner at the Grand Floridian Cafe, you need to go from Port Orleans to Magic Kingdom and take a bus or the monorail to get to the Grand Floridian.  So remember getting around is free, but can take a while.  

Food is expensive in the parks and resorts and the area in general, since Orlando is a tourist. 

I like to recommend the Disney dining plans because the food is expensive in the area, whether you are at a Disney resort or not.  I have always found that I get the most value for my money on the meal plans.  Disney has done a great job of making the meal plans flexible and no one goes hungry on any of the plans. 

Walt Disney World is one of my favorite places.  We go there several times a year to keep abreast of all the changes and updates the Disney is rolling out.  Right now (early 2020) Epcot is undergoing major changes and when it is done it is going to be amazing.  Hollywood Studios and Star Wars is amazing.  There is much to enjoy.  For assistance contact me and I will do my best to make your next Disney vacation magical.  

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