Is Disney Completely Shut Down?

Disney World Castle

Disney World CastleWith the complete closure of all things Disney due to Covid 19 you might be wondering what actually goes on during a crisis such as we are facing from this virus out break.  Although you may be thinking the place is overrun with tumble weeds, never fear there is stuff going on right now and here are just a few.

  1. Animals are being cared for at Animal Kingdom Park.  With a good portion of this park being a zoo, they have to care for the animals and that is an essential service.
  2. Golf Courses are still open around Walt Disney World.  As long as there are no “shelter in place” orders being enforced they will remain open.
  3. Security is still watching the parks and parking lots as well.  (Just in case you were thinking about sneaking in)
  4. The horticultural team is also still working.  Remember this is the Flower and Garden Festival time so there are plants galore to be cared for and these folks are working hard right now.
  5. The imagineers who are likely working from home, are still filing building permits.  Even though all construction has been ceased, they are filing permits for future projects.
  6. Guest relations is still open and working quite hard.  These folks are making sure all cancellations are handled correctly and answering questions to callers who need assistance.  They are likely the busiest of all park workers right now, so be nice when you call.
  7. Speedway gas stations on the properties is also open, since gas stations are an essential service.
  8. Emergency Services such as fire and ambulance stations are also open.

So even though you and I are not visiting the parks right now, there is still plenty going on.  Hopefully we will be able to get this crisis behind us soon and we can be back enjoying the magic.

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Have a Magical Day in spite of the news!








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